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Coordination Team

Hub Coordinators:

  • Caitlin Colino:

  • Kate Murphy

  • Amanda Westlake


  • Dan Zackin?

Book Club

Political Team

Political Team leads:

  • Mark Lannigan

  • Spencer Gallant -

Anna Callahan campaign:

Point people:

  • Spencer Gallant -

  • Sally Weltner

Graphic designers:

  • Sofia Prettel

  • Elizabeth Endo

  • Mabel Pence

Phonebank recruiters:

Nichole Mossalam campaign:

Point people:

  • Max Goldfarb

  • Grace Abe

Graphic designers:

Phonebank recruiters:

Erika Uyterhoven campaign:

Point people:

Ed Markey campaign:

Point people:

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