Welcome to Sunrise Tufts.

Who are we?

Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.

Sunrise Tufts emerged at the start of 2019 as one of The Sunrise Movement’s 300+ hubs working to replace the oppressive systems responsible for the climate crisis with a Green New Deal. Since then, we’ve turned out hundreds of students to the Boston Climate Strikes, worked on coordinated efforts with other Massachusetts hubs to purge the Statehouse of corruption, launched an ongoing effort to promote anti-racism in our movement spaces, and helped shape Sunrise’s national strategy through our own learnings as a strong college hub. Going forward, our priorities include putting bold progressive champions in the MA state legislature, helping put pressure on Tufts to meaningfully address its participation in systemic racism, and mobilizing college students to ensure that the 2020 elections put us on a path to a Green New Deal.

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Summer 2020 Projects


This Summer, Sunrise Tufts endorsed five Green New Deal Champions in Massachusetts. To ensure they win big in the September 1st primaries, we're calling voters, knocking doors, and helping beef up their grassroots capacity.

U.S. Senate:
Ed Markey (Massachusetts)

U.S. House:
Ayanna Pressley (MA-04)

MA State House:
Erika Uyterhoven (27th Middlesex)
Anna Callahan (34th Middlesex)
Nichole Mossalam (35th Middlesex )

Anti-Oppression Book Club

To deepen our collective understanding of anti-oppression and stay in community during quarantine, members of Sunrise Tufts started meeting every other week to discuss readings nominated and voted on by the group. Join the conversation [HERE]

Hub Meetings

Every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. EDT, the hub convenes to build community, coordinate strategy, and take action together. Join [HERE]

Find these events and more in the calendar.

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