Take Action

I'm ready to win a Green New Deal. What can I do?

No matter your capacity, everyone has something to contribute to the movement. Check out our guide to taking action below, or reach out to our on-boarding team [LINK IT] for a one-on-one with a current hub leader!

If you have five minutes:

  1. Stay in Touch: Sign up for our newsletter here!

  2. Vote: Make sure you are registered to vote [link here], make a plan to vote either in person or by mail [link resources?], and directly help Green New Deal champions win at the ballot box!

  3. Reach Out: Reach out to a friend! Are they registered to vote? Have they heard about Sunrise? About a Green New Deal? Do they want to come with you to the next meeting/action? Personal relationships are how movements like Sunrise win.

If you have an hour:

  1. Hub Meeting: Every Wednesday, usually from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Eastern Time, we convene as a hub over Zoom to stay in community and ensure that our hub is doing the best it can to fight for a just and liveable future. New members are especially encouraged to attend to get to know the hub and how to best plug in. [HOW CAN PEOPLE GET INTO HUB MEETINGS FROM HERE] MAYBE WE DO LIKE AN ACTIONNETWORK REGISTRATION THING? <--- good idea*Hub Meeting time, frequency, and structure is subject to change this Fall once the semester begins.

  2. Book Club: Every other Tuesday from 6-7 p.m. Eastern Time, members of Sunrise Tufts convene to discuss readings relating to anti-oppression, movement building, and climate justice. Past readings include Tommy Orange's There There and Angela Davis's Are Prisons Obsolete?[ASK ANNIKA ABOUT HOW SHE WANTS PPL TO PLUG INTO THIS] check out the calendar for dates and times.

  3. Phonebank: To ensure that our endorsed candidates win big on September 1, we call hundreds of voters multiple times a week. To join one of our phonebanking "parties," check our our calendar [LINK IT]. You do not need any experience or need to know anything about the candidate to phonebank for them - the campaigns will provide training when you join.

  4. Graphic design: Connect with a campaign and help them with some of their graphic design needs!

  5. Outreach: Help us grow our capacity to reach voters! Reach out to friends and get them to come to a phone bank with you.

If you have more than an hour/want to get more involved:

Work on a campaign: As part of our endorsements process, Sunrise Tufts is working closely with a variety of campaigns. If you are interested, but unsure exactly what you want to do, contact our political leads here. (Note: you need no prior knowledge about the candidates or campaign to work on a campaign! All necessary training and support will be provided!).


Anna Callahan:

Graphic design lead (do not need much experience)

Point people (people who work closely with the campaign to plan events etc.)

Phone bank organizer (organize others to come to the weekly Anna phonebanks)

Canvass organizer (organize others to canvas and knock doors - social distancing style - for Anna)

Nichole Mossalam:

Point people (people who work closely with the campaign to plan events etc.)

Phone bank organizer (organize others to come to the weekly Nichole phonebank)

Canvass organizer (organize others to join Nichole's contactless canvassing crew)

Erika Uyterhoven:

Point people (people who work closely with the campaign to plan events etc.)

Phone bank organizer (organize others to come to the weekly Erika phonebank)

Canvass organizer (organize others to deliver campaign literature for Erika)

Ayanna Pressley: contact (.....)

Ed Markey: contact (.......)

Help organize our book club: Like bringing people together? Have a text you want to read or talk about? Reach out to or email annika.schaad@tufts.edu to help make the anti-oppression book club better every week!

Social media: Fancy yourself skilled in the art of social media? Want to improve your media skills while advocating for the health and well-being of all people? Hop on this team to help us maximize our platform on Instagram and Facebook, and more!

Join the operations team: To keep Sunrise Tufts accessible and running smoothly requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work, including maintaining the website, keeping an up to date calendar, and keeping all of our resources easy to find for organizers. If organizing is your jam, get in touch with _________.

Have other ideas? In accordance with Sunrise's principle number 7 , "We take initiative." That means that our leaders ask for advice, not permission, to do anything that will bring us closer to our goal. To feel empowered to take initiative the name of Sunrise Tufts, reach out to our onboarding team here ______!

Go to our contact page to find contact for people in the hub working on specific projects or for any other questions!